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2012 Montana Mutual Responses through September 11, 2012 11/5/2012

MMA meeting March 2nd and 3rd 2013 2/27/2012

Montana Mutual Aid

Command, Strategy, & Tactics and Large Incident Management,

Training Symposium


Meeting Agenda for March 2nd and 3rd , 2013

Thanks to Sue and Ken Mergenthaler and the Eastgate Fire Department Crew for hosting


Saturday, March 2nd , 2013


1000hrs         Call to Order – Moment of Silence and Pledge of Allegiance


                        Introductions of Guests and Hosts and Session Notes


1020hrs           Montana Mutual Aid – Purpose and Approach - Fire Chief Ken Mergenthaler, Eastgate Fire, Lewis and Clark County


Montana Fire Service Mutual Aid  -  History Review, Additions, SWOT


Montana Mutual Aid - High Line – Steve Harada, Brandon Brunelle, Bob Hanson


                        Montana Mutual Aid  -  West  -  Gary Mahugh, et al.


Montana Mutual Aid  -   East  - Steve Harada

Montana Mutual Aid -  Golden Triangle, Leonard Lundby, Joe Zahara


Montana Mutual Aid – Southern Zone –  Rich Cowger


Montana State Fire Chief’s Association Update  – Rich Cowger


                        Montana Mutual Aid  -  MT DNRC  -  Greg Archie


Fire Service All Threat  Open Source Briefing – Bryan Costigan


Blue Card Command Training – Update  Cory O’Brian


                        Montana DES Update  -  Director Ed Tinsley, MT DES(Invited)


                        Saving Local Taxpayers’ Money with Montana Mutual Aid  -  Brian Crandell


                        Exterior Fire Attack Standards, Training, and Certification – Britton Gray


                        Montana Wildland Fire  –Fire Behavior Review of 2012, Estimates  for 2013,

Fire Chief Sonny Stiger (ret.), Wolf Creek


1230hrs           Lunch  -  MMA SWOT Inputs


1330hrs           Large Incident Management & Mutual Aid Case Studies & Smart Practices –  Flex Block


                        Strategy and Tactics for Fighting Structure Fires Based on Science & Engineering

Dan Mardrzykowski, NIST, Ed Burlingame, Kevin Conant, Terry Larson, John Culbertson


1830hrs           Dinner with Dan and crew


1915hrs           Strategy and Tactics for Fighting Structure Fires Based on Science & Engineering



Sunday, March 3rd, 2013


0800hrs(MST) Breakfast


0830hrs           Large Incident Management and Mutual Aid – Case Studies and Smart Practices – Flex Block(continues)


                        Strategy and Tactics for Fighting Structure Fires Based on Science & Engineering

Dan Mardrzykowski, NIST, Ed Burlingame, Kevin Conant, Terry Larson, John Culbertosn



Hazard Zone Incident Command  Standard for NIMS Type 4 & 5 Incidents  -  Brian Crandell


Blue Card Command Training as a Best Practice -  Brian Crandell


Command Support in Montana Mutual Aid  -

MMA Watch Desk, Advance Element, Liaison & other support functions–

Ed Burlingame, Ken Mergenthaler, Gary Mahugh, Steve Harada, Jane Ellis, Brian Crandell


                        Montana Mutual Aid – Now, Next, and Future – Mergenthaler, Ellis, and group   


1145hrs           Good of the Order, Thank Yous(Sue & crew) and Closing   - 

Thanks for Showing Up.  Snacks for the road(thanks, Sue and crew)


Next meeting  -  November 2nd and 3rd, 2013 at Eastgate FD(starts at 1000hrs)

UAL FLT 93 – NWA FLT 253

MMA meeting November 5-6, 201l 10/24/2011

November 5 & 6, 2011 – starts at 10:00am Saturday, done by noon on Sunday


Eastgate Fire Station – east of East Helena, Montana


MMA registration is $195


Register or for more info at or contact Sue at 1-406-431-2458


Response to Natural Gas Releases – Lessons Learned and Smart Practices - North Western Energy –

Mutual Aid Box Alarm System - Illinois – Fire Chief Jay Reardon

MMA Deployment to Painted Rocks – Almost – Fire Chief Charles Scripps

Sonny Steiger – CAN Report on Wildland Fire Threats

Yellowstone Area – Pre-Incident Response Planning – Fire Chief Britton Gray

Terrorism Open Source Briefing – Bryan Costigan, MATIC

Update on Montana DES – Director Ed Tinsley

Montana Regional Mutual Aid - Updates and Contact Names and Numbers

Mutual Aid Radio + Narrowbanding – Captain Bobby Burlingame

Tornado Response  – Joplin, MO -Local USAR Response - Fire Chief Scott Olsen, Boone County Fire(MO) & MO-TF-1

Flooding in Montana 2011 - Flooding Summary and Lessons Learned – National; Weather Service

2011 Flooding in North East Montana – The Story and Lessons Learned – Fire Chief Brandon Burnelle

High Line Full Scale Mutual Aid Deployment – Lessons Learned/AAR -  Chiefs  Brandon Burnelle &Steve Harada

Lewis and Clark County Mutual Aid Task Force deployment to Madison County – Chief Drake

MMA Common Radio Channel Banks – Gallatin County FDs

And more updates and information from fire service leaders across Montana



Montana Intra and Inter State Mutual Aid Update 3/21/2006 3/21/2006

Montana Intra and Inter State Mutual Aid Update:

Considerable work has gone into the Montana Mutual Aid plan from many Fire Chief's throughout Montana for the last 9 plus years. Along with Chief's we continually invite and encourage continued involvement from DES, EMS, Law Enforcement, Counties, County Commissioners, the general public, "our customers", and whomever else is willing to come to Mutual Aid Meetings, participate and be engaged.

Montana has laws in place that allow Intra State Mutual Aid. The laws, our mutual aid documents, and any other documents found in the "Blue" Book are NIMS compliant.

As with anything to do with Incident Command, we also have implemented and use the ICS structure in all responses, not just Mutual Aid.

Legislation in place permits us to respond to Mutual Aid calls without the need of MOU's or other agreements that are not already in place. We work within the systems that have been in place without impeding or damaging any relationships. In fact we are about building relationships.

Montana is a Frontier State. We have communities that have as few at 10 residents to several thousand. We have to be very flexible because of our vast differences. We have done a very good job working with our neighbors, partners, the public and customers.

Enabling legislation will be introduced during the 2007 that will allow Interstate Mutual Aid. We feel we are moving in the right direction and will continue to work with our neighbors and customers to continue to do the right thing.

Also, we have continuing involvement with the Idaho and Wyoming Fire Chiefs' Associations regarding coordination of complementing interstate mutual aid legislation in neighboring states.

In Montana, statewide intra state mutual aid is explicitly authorized in applicable sections of Montana Code Annotated. Mutual aid in Montana is statutory, and supplements existing local and regional agreements (which are encouraged and also authorized by applicable sections of MCA).

We can also talk about our state wide interoperable commo in support of MA, which has been widely adopted and practiced for more than 15 years.

Further, we have adopted standard resource typing in concert with interstate mutual aid.

We also have common command procedures which are used with intra state mutual aid including extensive safety standard operating procedures, i.e. Risk Management, Communications, May Day, and others.

Although there seems to be some concern that we have kept our mutual aid system simple, it works for us. As I understood from the Denver meeting, that is what you were looking for, something that works for our State.

We encourage you to review our Mutual Aid book (FOG) posted. This document is reviewed and updated twice a year, March and November by all the participants in Montana Mutual Aid.

Montana Mutual Aid was already developed and laws in place prior to the Denver meeting. We shared with you our information and how simple it can be.

We look forward to working with our neighbors and would extend an invitation to any and all that would like to participate in Montana Mutual Aid. Our meetings are always the first weekend in March and the first weekend in November. Included in registration fees will be all your meals and copies of the FOG.

If you are interested in more information or would like to have more information about our next meeting, please contact me at (406) 431-2540, or PO Box 735, East Helena, MT 59635.

Ken Mergenthaler
Chief Eastgate Volunteer Fire Department

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