Montana Mutual Aid – November 2-3, 2019 Class


Eastgate VFD

3895 Buttercup

East Helena, MT 59635

Registration is $195 per person, including registration all breaks and meals.

Please join your fellow responders and friends for outstanding education programs and coordination (before your event happens…, ask Fire Chief Bob Drake…).

The program starts on Saturday, Nov 2, at 10:00am, at the Eastgate Fire Station.  The program concludes on Saturday evening around 8:00pm.  Sunday morning will include a strategic review of Montana Mutual Aid.  Hospitality is expertly provided by Sue Mergenthaler, Fire Chief Kevin Orr, and the Eastgate Fire crew.

The program includes updates on mutual aid operations, a review of the Montana Mutual Aid Field Operations Guide (“the Blue Book”), and several excellent, state of the art educational programs including:

Fire Chief Bob Drake will discuss the lesson learned at the 2019 North Hills Fire, the Bucksnort Fire in 2000, the improvements Bob and his crew made between 2000 and 2019, and a forward-looking action plan to prepare for the next fire to hit his service area.  Don’t miss this fully qualified discussion of what worked, what was learned, and what Bob and his crew and fellow responders are planning to do before their “next” incident.

Undersheriff Dan Springer and Sgt. Jeremy Kopp (for real) will discuss the law enforcement perspective of the role of fire and EMS responders to a mass casualty incident that is a part of a law enforcement incident.  Think incidents of violence, and how to prepare to work in a highly effective, coordinated response to such an incident.  Springer and Kopp will discuss how a Law IC looks at the incident, and how Fire and EMS responders can work effectively while coordinating with Law responders to provide for the safety of the patients, and the responders.  This is mission critical information for every Fire and EMS agency in Montana.  Bring your local Law response partners to this engaging, multi-discipline presentation and discussion.

Dr. Alana Brunacini (yes, Granddaughter) returns to Montana to discuss her perspective on the leader’s role in building and maintaining behavioral health for first responders.  Alana’s program will help leaders at every level in your organization to prepare, every day, your members to maintain their behavioral wellness in the face of routine, and not so routine, incidents.  This is a must-see presentation for any responder from every discipline who wants to provide effective service in high challenge circumstances, and care for the present and future well-being of the member they work with.  Alana will talk about real world, every day actions by leaders that will create and maintain the immediate and long-term health of members of our organizations.  This information applies to Fire, EMS and Law responders and leaders.

RSVP to Sue Mergenthaler at or call Sue at 406 431 2458.  Also check the website.

Please fill out one registration form per person.

Motel Information

Elkhorn Inn, Montana City  406-442-6625
Holiday Inn Express, Helena 406-449-4000
Howard Johnson’s Inn, Helena 406-443-2300
Jorgenson’s Inn & Suites, Helena 406-442-1770